Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Lil' Yogi? 


My Lil' Yogi (MLY) is a traveling kids yoga program that provides in-school yoga enrichment for kids ages 3 and up. Normally, MLY classes are integrated into the school day, however, sometimes classes are offered after-school. If your school has not yet partnered with My Lil' Yogi and you are interested in having our program at your child's school, please let us know by emailing


How do I register and pay for classes?


Normally, My Lil' Yogi handles registration and payments for schools via our secure website, however, there are exceptions. Please ask the director of your school how to proceed.


Can you tell me more about your classes?


Typically, our classes are 30-minutes long with 25-30 yoga poses integrated into an engaging story/adventure. Students finish class with a period of relaxation and calming techniques.